Payformix Online Form Templates

It's always easier to start with a template — online forms are no exception. Payformix offers carefully curated online form template library.

Templates for any form

The best way to build a new web form is to pick a form template that will require minimal customization. You may choose a form template that has been pre-built specifically for your industry, or you may choose a template that simply looks similar to the form you need to build.

It is important to choose a form template that has the most form elements you would like to have in your web form. Carefully selected template will be the easiest to customize.

Form templates by industry

Payformix offers pre-built form templates for schools, colleges, non-profits, sports, events, services, business, sales, marketing, human resources, legal, and more. All Payformix online form templates are mobile-friendly. All are easy to customize.

Form templates by form type

Know exactly the type of form you need? Use the form template pre-built for your form type:

  1. Enrollment formsummer camp registration form with date and time constraints, limited registration capacity, payment processing capabilities
  2. Appointment formappointment scheduler with complex availability rules, date and time controls, double-booking prevention
  3. Event registration formevent date selection, multiple fee options, payment processing
  4. Signup form — good example of the PTC registration form that can be easily adopted by any teacher, at any school
  5. Online order formsales listing form, with product description, product availability constraint, payment processing integration
  6. Donation formdonation fund choice, donation amount options, online payment processing
  7. Contact form — turn-key contact form with contact name, address, phone, subscription preferences
  8. Consent form — secure online submission and recording of electronically signed consent documents
  9. Survey formonline survey form ready to be customized

More templates...

Form template customization — Payformix advantage

All Payformix online forms are simply text documents. Naturally, Payformix form templates are text documents too. Template customization does not get any easier — form templates can be edited as text. Directly in your web browser or in your favorite text editor.

Ability to edit form templates as text brings fantastic possibilities.

For example, merging form templates becomes trivial. Impossible using any other form builder — easy with Payformix. Grab form sections from multiple templates — as quick as cut-and-paste. It's all text! Rearrange parts of the template, move form fields around, add text sections, check spelling and grammar — all from your favorite text editing app.

Made a mistake editing your form template? Hard to undo it in any other form builder — very easy with Payformix. By editing your forms as text you have built-in access to a full undo stack — in your text editor or in your web browser.

Once the form template has been edited to perfection, Payformix online form builder will create a beautiful web form for you — instantly.