Forms for Nonprofit Organizations

Let’s cut to the chase. Nonprofits are different. Nonprofits are all about doing more with less. Less time. Less money. Fewer resources. Less help. Until now.

Saving time

Nonprofits cannot ignore the Internet. And your nonprofit organization probably doesn’t. But are you using your nonprofit’s online presence to its maximum potential? Specifically:

  1. Do you register your event participants online?
  2. What about volunteer signups?
  3. Can people donate to your cause through your website?
  4. Do you run surveys or solicit feedback online?

Event registrations, volunteer signups, donations, surveys — pretty much every interaction that happens on your nonprofit’s website is done via online forms. Creating and managing online forms is a time consuming process. This is exactly where Payformix can help.

From the very beginning Payformix approached online forms with a single goal — make forms as easy to make as it can possibly be. To save time.

In order to accomplish this goal, Payformix came up with a revolutionary idea for the online form builder — instead of using outdated drag-and-drop graphical form editing approach, Payformix builds web forms directly from text. From text descriptions. You type your form as you would a Word document — the rest happens automatically. This approach makes Payformix unique — no other commercial product builds forms this way. Frankly, we are proud.

You do not have to take our word for it — please see for yourself how fast you can create your web forms with Payformix:

  1. Donation form — built from scratch in 47 seconds
  2. Event registration form — under 40 seconds to make
  3. Feedback form — again, 47 seconds

When you are working with online forms, Payformix saves your time. Serious time.

Saving money

Payformix is free for nonprofits, and always will be.

Build your forms with Payformix

Payformix understands nonprofit organizations (yes, we are involved in nonprofits ourselves). Let us help. Save time, save money — start building online forms for your nonprofit with Payformix. Absolutely free.

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