Why Payformix?

There are plenty of online form builders to choose from. Why not choose the best? We recommend Payformix. It is the best*.

*) — This message is approved by Payformix sales and marketing. In fact, this message is written by Payformix sales and marketing. You are reading it on payformix.com.

Why you should choose Payformix as your online form builder

  1. Payformix is FREE
  2. Payformix online form builder is designed for mobile from the ground up
  3. Payformix online form builder can generate forms directly from text
  4. Payformix uses patent-pending natural language parsing technology
  5. Payformix keeps all data in its own datacenter
  6. Payformix is extremely secure
  7. Payformix is 100% made in the USA
  8. Payformix is always here to help you

See the demosignup — absolutely free.

Seriously, why Payformix?

The beauty of the Internet as a software platform is that there are many options available for any type of software or service you may need. The fact that you — the user — have all these choices, is truly wonderful. Payformix is in the business because we believe we can build the best online forms for you. Easier, faster, better forms!

We are proud of the innovations we bring to the online form building technology. We also strongly believe in being completely honest and transparent in our sales pitch:

  1. Here is the demo
  2. Here is the pricing
  3. Here is the signup

We love online forms. We love technology that powers the forms. We love our customers.

Payformix — The Way Web Forms Should Be.