About Payformix

Payformix got its start in 2017, no — in 2009, wait... was it 2001? It's complicated. Anyway, what is Payformix?

Payformix — the product

Payformix is a revolutionary new way to build modern online forms. And manage online registrations. And accept online payments. It is the easiest, simplest, cleanest and fastest online form builder. It is also — the future of form building (protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 10,762,286 and 11,507,736).

When Payformix founders first got together in a typical cafe-and-great-new-product-on-a-paper-napkin startup setting, they decided on just one simple goal — to create the simplest online form builder that ever existed. Not the form builder with the most features, not the one with the most integrations, not even the one with the most flashy graphics. No. The easiest. The simplest. The fastest.

You be the judge on how far we have gotten down the road so far — check out the demo of what online forms Payformix can build for you today. And how simple it is.

Payformix — the company

Payformix is a tech startup headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. We are all engineers here, putting our own sweat, blood, and money into it. We do it all — design, prototyping, software, network engineering, hardware installations, production support, content, marketing, sales, and customer support. No outside investors, no off-shore developers, no sub-contractors. We run our own datacenter in a nearby Boulder, Colorado. No outsourcing. The buck stops here so you can absolutely rely on Payformix.

Payformix core team is comprised of veterans of the industry — with extremely talented new generation mixed in to keep us young.

All Payformix products are 100% made in the USA. All of our development, operations and support are in the United States. Payformix provides you with the true American quality product and service. We are very proud of it.

Payformix — The Way Web Forms Should Be.

Got questions? Just ask. We are always here to help.