Webforms: Simplicity and Ease of Use

Simple is hard.


Well, let’s say it again — claiming the product is simple is easy, making it so — very hard.

People crave simplicity. They would say otherwise, but make no mistake — simplicity sells. Many established market leaders, in both business and consumer space, have lost their market share due to an unlikely underdog — a simpler and easier to use product — appearing out of nowhere and taking over the customers' minds, hearts, and finally — credit cards.

Let’s look at a recent example. Oh, this is a good one!

Coffee makers.

Couldn’t think of a more established market. Coffee makers have been around for ages. At least in the Unites States, simplicity has won long time ago — automatic drip coffeemakers, an American staple, have been in every kitchen, break room, and diner for decades (since 1972, in fact, thanks to Mr. Coffee).

What could be simpler? No moving parts. Extremely cheap. Put the filter in. Put some ground coffee in. Fill with water. Push a button. Get your coffee.

Yet the challenger came.

A single-serve coffeemaker. More expensive to buy. More expensive to get coffee for. Yet it took the market by storm and swiftly replaced automatic drip coffee machines everywhere. Been to the orthodontist lately? Yes — that’s a Keurig in the corner.

But why? Have Americans recently developed artisan coffee taste? New passion for buying more expensive replacements for things that just work? Is it a fashion thing, perhaps?

Maybe. But chances are it was simplicity.

The drip coffeemaker was simple and easy to operate. Nothing to it. But Keurig is even easier.

And it won.

What does it have to do with web forms?


Among all things web, forms are still automated the least. And the reason is complexity.

There are plenty of form builders available. A quick Google search for an online form builder brings up the cornucopia of competing product websites. Let’s check them out.

Clicking on any of the product titles brings up marketing copy weaving the mandatory seduction web of promises. 'Easy-to-use' usually comes up on the very first page. For every form builder. No surprise here — marketers are doing their job, as they should.

Yet, there is no market leader. After more than 20 years webform builders have no market leader.

How can this be?

Chances are — the 'easy-to-use' claims might be hollow.

Why is Payformix different?

Because Payformix works the way no other form builder does.

Instead of forcing users into building forms though visual form editing, drag-and-drop, and myriads of settings (this so from the ‘90s!), Payformix builds forms directly from text. Automatically.

Graphical user interface (GUI) approach to web form building appears to be proven wrong by the test of time. We believe there should be a better way to build online forms. A quick way. A simple way.

We believe in simplicity in web forms. Simplicity matters.

We believe we can make web forms simple for you.

You do not have to take our word for it — check out the demo.

Signup and start building forms today — it’s absolutely free.