Payformix Form Builder

Step into the 21st century. Create your online forms automatically from text descriptions.

Create your web forms by simply describing them

Payformix online form builder is extremely simple — it consists of only two elements:

  1. A single text field for your form description, and;
  2. Your online form preview.

As you type your form description in the text field on the left, you see your form being built in real time in the form preview on the right. Any edits to the form description are immediately reflected in the form preview. Moving form sections around or rearranging form fields is as easy as cut-and-paste.

To see how it works, check out this demo.

Benefits of simplicity

The ultimate simplicity of the Payformix form builder allows it to let you edit forms from any device, including smart phones and tablets. Whether you need to make a quick edit to your existing online form, or create a new form from scratch — you can do it from any network connected phone, tablet or computer (anything with a web browser).

The form editor is also lightweight — allowing you to create and edit your online forms in the field, even on a very slow network connection.

With Payformix, your online form definitions are always accessible as plain text. You can save your forms, email your forms, edit your forms — as you would any other text document. It does not get any easier.

Behind the scenes sophistication

Simplicity of the Payformix online form builder should not give you false impression that Payformix online forms are two-bit simple as well. Quite the contrary. To build beautiful, functional and secure online forms Payformix utilizes modern, powerful and very sophisticated technology behind the scenes form-generation engine, protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 10,762,286 and 11,507,736.

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