Payformix Form Generator Technology

Patent-pending online form generator. Multi-language online forms. Natural language processing.

Payformix gives you the access to the bleeding edge technology

Unlike any other online form builder, Payformix does not force you into defining form fields and other form elements explicitly. You can simply tell Payformix online form builder that the form you are creating needs to ask for the customer name and address — Payformix will automatically create all necessary form fields. For example, an 'Address' is automatically expanded into a full address form section — taking into account form language and geographical location in the process.

Examples can be seen here and here.

Natural language processing in form building

Payformix uses proprietary and highly sophisticated algorithms for online form definition parsing and interpretation. Payformix online form builder has extensive knowledge of online form terminology in multiple languages allowing for the most accurate online form rendering based on the shortest possible form descriptions.

Many online forms require date and time constraints. Payformix online form builder includes extremely sophisticated date parser that allows you to define such constraints using natural human language (be it English, French, or...)

Check out this online form example to see how Payformix forms do date and time logic. Actually, this web form is a good example too.

Multi-language and multi-country support

Payformix supports customers worldwide.

Payformix online form builder automatically creates the Canadian form with all address form fields specific to Canada. On top of that, if the online form is being created for Quebec, then the form will be in French too! New Zealand forms will automatically get region specific address and phone formats. UK forms automatically use correct currency code for payment processing. And much more. All of it — automatically.

Payformix does not force customers around the world into North American data formats. Payformix online form builder correctly uses date and time formats as appropriate for the language and geographic region of the form. This means Australian customers get their online forms date fields in DD/MM/YYYY (day first) format, while customers in United States and English-speaking part of Canada get their forms display the dates as MM/DD/YYYY (month first).

Payment directives automatically generate credit card forms — with country specific address and currency.