Web Forms by Payformix

Payformix online forms are unlike anything else. It's the way web forms should be.

Web forms today

There are quite a few online form builders available today, both commercial and free. Online form builders are not new — some of the form authoring websites got their start in the previous century! But if you look close enough you will notice a few things:

  1. All form builders look and work the same
  2. All require drag-and-drop and graphical form editing
  3. None let you easily create web forms from mobile devices

Is this the way web forms should be built in the 21st century? Of course not. There is a better way. A simple way.

The way web forms should be

Imagine forms before the Internet. If you needed to create a form you just opened a Microsoft Word (or some other text editor you liked) and quickly typed in your form as a text document. Text, fields and all. Then you printed the form and it was ready. Done.

  1. Was it easy to create a new form? Yes
  2. Was it easy to change the form? Of course
  3. Was it simple enough anyone can do it? You betcha!

This is the way web forms should be done — using simple text. Create your web forms in any text editor. Create and edit your web forms from any device — mobile phones and tablets included. No drag-and-drop, no click-and-configure, no pages after pages of settings and options. No coding required. No design skills needed. No learning curve. Just text!

Give Payformix your form description and Payformix form builder will create a modern, beautiful, and secure form for you. Automatically.

Like this — check out free Payformix demo.

And just in case you are still on the fence about giving Payformix web forms a try — Payformix web forms are free.