Secure Web Forms

Payformix takes web form security extremely seriously. Data security is built into the foundation of Payformix web forms.

Web forms secured on many levels

Let's talk about online data security for a minute.

For most of us, online security equates to the green lock icon the the web browser's address bar. This lock icon indicates that the website is using secure HTTPS connection between the web server and the web browser, and that this network connection is encrypted by the SSL protocol. Modern web browsers actually do a good job of warning us against visiting websites that do not provide secure connection. Especially if the webpage contains a form.

There is a reason for this. Any time a form is submitted over non-secure HTTP connection, there is a valid threat of form data being intercepted by a hacker or a malicious piece of software. This is exactly the reason the credit card payment processing industry has long insisted on the highest level of HTTPS protection for any website that accepts payments.

But the green lock icon in the web browser's location bar is just a beginning. Form data security starts but does not end here.

Payformix takes web form and form data security much deeper.

Web forms — who has access to your data?

This is a very important question. What happens to your form data once form record is submitted by you or your customer? Where does the data go? Where is it hosted? Who has access to your form records?

The truth is, with most online form service providers you do not know. With Payformix — you do.

Payformix owns and controls all hardware and software that has access to your web form data. Nobody else — no third parties, no other vendors, no 'sub-contractors' ever get a single chance to peek into your form records. Not Amazon, not Microsoft, not Google. Not any other cloud data storage provider you do not know about.

All Payformix web form and form record data is securely stored in Payformix datacenter in Boulder, Colorado. All data access is controlled by Payformix.

Eliminating the weakest link in web form data security

What is the weakest link in the web form data security? How do most security breaches happen? How does the data usually gets stolen? Movies and fiction let us believe that a software genius, typing fast and furious on multiple keyboards hidden deep in a basement somewhere, is responsible. Right?

This could not be further from the truth.

Most data thefts occur through internal breaches. The weakest link in data security is usually an employee. Sensitive data usually gets stolen by a disgruntled (or bribed) personnel, or via social engineering.

This is why Payformix takes physical security of your form data, as well as personnel data access policies very seriously.

Payformix has implemented unprecedented access controls to protect your data. In a nut shell, every single case of data access by a company employee involves authorization and direct involvement of a senior company officer. Payformix senior management has over 20 years in data security experience during which time not a single security breach has occurred. Direct management involvement policy maximizes the chances that this record will stay clean.


It goes without saying that all sensitive data is encrypted and never logged by Payformix.

Your web forms and form record data are secure with Payformix.