Parent-Teacher Conference Forms

It’s this time of the year again. School’s out for a couple of days. Hallways are empty. Classrooms are quiet — except for some hushed voices around the teachers’ desks. It’s adult time at your school. Parent-teacher conferences are underway.

All of us cherish our own school years long after we leave textbooks and classrooms behind. It’s only natural that we want to give something back to our schools once we have all grown up — be it a generous donation at a school fundraiser, volunteer work, or active involvement with the PTA.

Here at Payformix, we want to give back too. We want to give you — the teachers — the best online scheduler for your parent-teacher conferences. The PTC scheduler that is simple, quick and absolutely free.

What to look for in your parent-teacher conference registrations

First and foremost — simplicity. As a teacher, you are always pressed for time. Your PTC signup software should not be taking more than 5 minutes of your time for the conference setup. If the PTC signup software you are currently using is forcing you to go through seven configuration pages just to create your signup — it is time to consider switching to something better. Later on we will show you that a working PTC registration page can be created in as little as 40 seconds. And yes — these 40 seconds include setting the exact dates and times you have available for meeting the parents!

Second, the parents these days are always on the go. Most likely they will be reserving their spots by tapping the screens of their smartphones, not punching keys on their computers. As more and more of our time online is spent on small screens, it is important to have your PTC signup forms work well on mobile. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice for you to be able to use your phone as well? How about using your smartphone to setup and view registrations? If the PTC scheduler you are currently using was designed before the mobile era — you might consider switching.

Lastly, we find it unacceptable that some vendors want to either charge you for PTC registrations, or load your PTC signup pages with advertising. If the PTC scheduler you are currently using charges fees — or if you ever see ads on your signup pages — it is time to switch.

And one more thing — security. All parent-teacher conference signup pages should be secure. Additionally, your PTC registration pages should never publicly disclose the names of your students or their parents. Such careless disclosure may expose your school to potential liability.

Parent-teacher conference scheduling with Payformix

Payformix offers you parent-teacher conference registration forms absolutely free — and ad free.

As promised, here is the demo of Payformix creating a PTC signup form in less than 40 seconds. This is not a video, but the actual PTC form being created in real time — with dates, times, and everything. You can copy the PTC form template, change the dates, and start using if for your parent-teacher conference registrations in a matter of minutes!

Here is a short list of reasons why you should consider switching to Payformix for scheduling parent-teacher conferences at your school:

  1. Payformix lets you create PTC signup forms directly from text — quick and simple
  2. Payformix PTC forms are highly reusable — you can even email forms to other teachers!
  3. Payformix PTC registrations are extremely secure
  4. Payformix PTC signup forms work great on smartphones
  5. Payformix is not looking to make money on your school, students, or parents

Signup todayalways free for teachers and schools.

Here at Payformix, we are glad to give something back to our schools. Write us a note on how your school is using Payformix PTC registration scheduler — this is the only gratification we are looking for. It will truly make us happy.

Thank you, teachers!