Lead Generation Forms

Every business is always on a hunt. For new customers, for new employees, for new opportunities — for new leads.

But where to get the leads? Interesting question. In fact, a vital one! The answer is the know-how of every successful marketing plan — a secret sauce, really, that keeps every business running. No leads = no business.

We are not going to claim the powers to shower your organization with profitable leads — nobody can do that but you. What we can do, though, is show you the easiest way to capture your leads.

Online lead generation — the mobile Internet era

These days, businesses actively reach out to their target demographic using every online marketing tool at their disposal — company website, Facebook page, Twitter stream, newsletters, blogs, email campaigns… anything goes. All in order to grab the eyeballs and bring them to a landing page with a sales pitch on it. To — hopefully — capture the lead.

Now, here is the most important part — it is the ability to capture the lead that counts. All the preceding hard work will be in vain if the lead is not captured and wonders away instead.

In order to capture every possible lead, you need to make sure that the lead generation form you use for this purpose is bulletproof and future–proof. Meaning:

  1. Your lead generation form should look and feel modern. Your prospects are very perceptive to visual clues about your online business identity, and your lead generation form plays very important part in it. If your capture form looks even a little bit outdated — your prospects may walk away from it. Don’t risk it.
  2. Your lead generation form is 100% optimized for mobile. Your prospects are increasingly using smartphones, not computers, to reach your business. Your capture form should not just be mobile-friendly — it should excel on mobile.
  3. Your lead generation form has to be secure. Not only your prospects expect to see the little lock icon in this browser’s address bar — this is now taken for granted — but modern browsers, in fact, warn users against submitting information using forms embedded into non-secure pages. Security is a must.

Payformix lead generation forms conform to all of the above. Payformix forms are also quick and simple to build. With Payformix, you can create and edit your forms, as well as manage your leads, from any device, including your own smartphone. In the field, on the go — talk about the ultimate convenience!

Let us show you how.

Payformix online lead generation forms — quick and simple

Payformix online form builder is unlike anything else — it makes forms directly from text.

Check out this demo to see how the fully functional lead generation form — employee referral in this case — can be created from scratch in about 35 seconds (not a video — actual live registration form builder at work). Afterwards, you can test the form here.

Payformix offers you the unbeatable ROI (and a peace of mind) when it comes to your lead generation forms:

  1. With Payformix, you see exactly what you get
  2. Payformix has no hidden fees — Payformix is absolutely free
  3. Payformix runs no ads on your forms

Let Payformix build your lead generation forms today!