Summer Camp Registration Forms

Organizing and running a summer camp is a complicated endeavor. Registering kids for the summer camp should not be.

Online Camp Registrations

Remember when summer camp signups was done on paper? Thankfully, we do not remember that time either. Internet has changed a lot of things — most of them for the better — but very few organizational chores have been improved as much as registrations. What took hours on the phone and binders full of paperwork is now done online. Quick, accurate, convenient — the benefits of online registrations are indisputable.

Yet, working with online summer camp registrations is still not as easy as it should be.

For starters, camp registration forms can be quite elaborate. Parents are asked to provide a lot of information about themselves and their kids. Multiple consent forms, medical condition questionnaires, liability waivers, emergency contacts — it all adds up.

Let’s make no mistake about it, filling out an online summer camp registration form quite often turns into to a time consuming, boring, and meticulous ordeal. Creating that form in a first place — even more so.

Here at Payformix, we looked at online summer camp registration forms long and hard. And we think we figured out a way to make these forms better. Much better.

Online summer camp registration forms made simple by Payformix

Ok, there is really no way to make the registration form itself short and simple. Form length and complexity are mostly defined by the legal environment — and therefore are unavoidable.

What can be simplified, though, is the process of making online camp registration forms. You see, the traditional way to make online registration forms is akin to a stone mason approach to building a wall. Step by step — brick by brick — field by field. Hard manual labor, at best.

What if instead of building a wall you could write an essay? What if there was a way to construct your online summer camp registration form by simply typing it as a text document?

There is a way to do it. Payformix can take your text and build a form. Automatically!

Would you like to see how it works? Check out this demo where Payformix creates a fully functional summer camp registration form — with payment integration — in about a minute. Afterwards, you can test the camp registration form here. Impressive? We sure think so.

Better yet, with Payformix you can build your summer camp registration forms absolutely free.

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