Event Registration Forms

Whether you need to sell tickets for your community theatre play or sign up contenders for a bike race — you have lots of options. Having options is a good thing. Or is it?

Internet is awash with event registration and ticketing websites. There is every imaginable flavor out there — touting event promotion, forecasting, event planning, sales tracking, audience profiling, design customizations, calendaring, reporting, statistics, analytics, integrations... the list goes on from here to infinity.

Let’s think about it for a moment.

What if you do not need all these features? What if you just want to build a simple but reliable event registration form? A registration form with no bells and whistles? One that just works?

Suddenly, the options have all but disappeared.

Simple is hard.

An event registration form in a nutshell

It’s a form. It asks for a name, a few bits of contact information, and maybe a date and time. And if you are setting up a paid event — the payment. That’s all.

Why then, is it so hard to set up an event registration form?

By now you already know the answer. The answer is up there, right at the very beginning — event promotion, forecasting, event planning, sales tracking... This is called feature creep. Feature creep is a marketer’s treasure trove, but it isn’t your friend — it makes everything complicated.

Let’s make event registrations simple. As they should be, really.

Event registration forms made simple by Payformix

How about creating a fully functional event registration form, with payment processing, in under 40 seconds? Here is how to do it with Payformix. Beautiful. Mobile-friendly. Secure.

Here is another example — you may notice that the underlying event is quite complex: it is recurring and it has limited capacity, among other things. Yet the event registration form is still extremely simple. It still takes only 45 seconds to build.

Simple? Very. Can we simplify event registrations even further? We will definitely keep trying! With Payformix patent-pending form building technology, our main goal is to save your time while making outstanding event registration forms.

Take it for a spin today — absolutely free!

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