Forms for Human Resources

HR runs on data. HR data runs on forms. Employment applications, reference requests, management reports, interview questionnaires, expense reports, accident reports, time-off requests, performance reviews, vendor applications, exit interviews — it's almost impossible to list all the types of forms human resources have to deal with.

In the old days, these forms were on paper. Thankfully, this time has passed. Most of the HR document processing has been automated. Forms moved from filing cabinets to company servers but did not stop there. More and more HR departments are moving their forms and data online — to the cloud.

Cloud form processing has many benefits, but the main idea is the ease of access — by both employees and your HR staff. It's also one less headache for your IT support department to worry about.

Moving HR forms from your company servers to the cloud has pros and cons. Since the data is now stored offsite, security is now a bigger consideration. It is important to realize that there are different types of cloud, as far as data storage is concerned. Some online form providers outsource their data to cloud-computing providers, such as Google and Amazon, probably without your explicit permission. Other providers keep form data in their own data centers. It is reasonable to assume that the form data is generally more secure with the latter approach, simply due to the fact that it involves fewer parties having access to your sensitive form data.

Another important aspect to consider while choosing your online form provider is the type of form editor which is being offered. HR forms can get long and complicated — older form builders do not handle long forms very well. Mobile form editing capability is becoming important.

Which form builder should you choose for your online HR forms?

We recommend Payformix (after all, you are reading this on

Online HR forms by Payformix

Payformix offers a very high level of security protection on all web forms. We are also proud to offer the easiest and quickest form builder in the industry. Using patent-pending language processing technology, Payformix builds web forms directly from text, allowing you to create each one of your HR forms as easy as typing a text document. Payformix allows you to create and edit your forms from any device, smartphones and tablets included.

Here is a demo example that illustrates how a fully functional referral form can be created in less than 40 seconds — directly from its text description. Here is the same form ready to be used.

Since all Payformix forms are available as simple text, it is easy to take this form template and customize it to match your requirements — you can do it in any text editor, or in your web browser. Making copies or merging forms is as easy as copying and pasting text!

Start moving your HR forms to the cloud today — with Payformixabsolutely free!