Online Order Forms

If you are reading this, chances are — you have stuff to sell. And you are looking for a simple way to do it online. Not everyone can work up a courage to sell on eBay or partner with Amazon. Not everyone should. We understand.

Online order forms — why?

Maybe you run a custom T-shirt printing business. Maybe you have some old networking equipment you would like to unload. Maybe you would like to sell gift cards as a fundraiser for your charity. Maybe your flower shop is looking to expand into online sales.

If you have only a few items to sell, or if your online sales endeavor is not going to replace your daily job — then building an online store (or signing up with Amazon) is definitely an overkill.

What you need is an online order form. A single-page online store, if you will.

Online order form advantages

  1. An online order form is easy to make. You can create one from scratch in a matter of minutes. Setting up an online store may take days. Building your own online storefront may take months (good ones take years).
  2. An online order form can be easily turned on and off at will. Online stores require contracts, as well as monthly payments. Custom online storefronts are not free either.
  3. An online order form is generally the least expensive way to sell products or services online. Online order forms save you both time and money. Online stores and custom storefronts are always more expensive. Fees add up.

How online order forms work

Online order form is a web form that describes the thing you are selling and asks the buyer to provide his or her name, address, and payment information. Online order form takes it all in, processes the payment, and places the order into your order database. Both you and your customers get confirmations by email. It’s a very simple process, really.

If you would like to process payments automatically, you will need a merchant account and a payment gateway account. We recommend using Authorize.Net.

How to make an online order form

In order to build an online order form you need to find an online form builder that supports order processing and payment integration. We recommend Payformix.

Payformix makes making online order forms as easy as typing text. Check out this demo to see how simple it is to create an online order form to sell some computer accessories. The entire process takes less than a minute! You can take this online order form template and customize it to sell virtually anything.

Payformix does not charge any transaction fees. Or any other fees for that matter.

Create your online order forms with Payformixabsolutely free.