Consent Forms

Permissions, consents, authorizations – these types of online forms are relatively straightforward. However, these forms often become a hassle to work with. That is, — unless you choose the right approach to make and manage them.

What is an online consent form?

A consent form is a formal document used to provide evidence of a person agreeing to a procedure, policy, or a condition. In other words, a consent form is a legal document someone signs to indicate that they will allow a specific event to happen.

An online consent form is a type of web form that allows secure consent submission online.

While definition of a consent varies by a governing law — usually differentiating consents, agreements, disclosures, waivers, authorizations, etc. — the general principle behind an online consent form stays the same. A consent form consists of the following:

  1. A way for a person to provide identification, such as the person’s name and contact information. If the form is being submitted by a parent or legal guardian, this section needs to be expanded to include all necessary fields for the party or parties involved.
  2. The agreement the person is providing consent for.
  3. Means to capture the electronic signature or approval of the person consenting to the agreement.

An online consent form should have the elements listed above. It should also capture and store submission records in a secure manner, as well as send confirmation and notification messages upon successful submission.

Online consent forms made simple by Payformix

Payformix offers simple, fast, and secure way to create secure online consent forms. Unlike the aging drag-and-drop form builders of yore, Payformix builds web forms directly from text.

For example, if you already have your consent agreement typed in a document, you can simply copy-and-paste the text into the Payformix online form builder, and — with a bit of editing — a web version of your consent form will be created and published automatically, ready to be signed and submitted online.

Here is a demo of an online consent from being created from scratch in less than a minute. Here is the same consent form ready to be used for testing purposes. Making changes to the form template is as easy as editing a text document.

All Payformix consent forms are mobile friendly and look great on any device.

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