Online Payment Forms by Payformix

Creating secure online payment forms can be hard. With Payformix, it does not have to be.

Payment forms — the challenge

Building an online payment form for the first time can be challenging. For starters, you will need:

  1. A business checking account
  2. A merchant account
  3. A payment gateway account
  4. A web form
  5. A way to integrate all of the above

Just in case you do not have a business checking account or a merchant account, your local bank should be able to provide you with both. As for the payment gateway, you will need an account with a well established processor, such as Authorize.Net or PayPal. The process of opening all these accounts is relatively straightforward. It just takes time and quite a bit of paperwork.

For the last two items on the list you will either need to build everything yourself (not recommended), or find a good service provider who can help you with form-payment integration. Of course, we recommend Payformix. Here is why.

Payment forms — the Payformix way

Ok, you have a web form. And a payment gateway account. How do you integrate the two? How do you make the integration simple? We have thought long a hard about it. How can we come up with a payment processor integration so simple, it can not be simplified any further? And then we found the solution.

Adding payment processing to any Payformix online form only takes a few keystrokes. Just type in the name of your payment processor and your payment processor credentials — nothing else is required. Payformix will do the rest automatically.

In this live demo the fully functional online payment form is created in about 36 seconds (not a video, but the actual live Payformix form builder at work). Then, you can test the payment form here.

Easy? We certainly think so. But if you can think of a way to make it even easier — please, by all means let us know!

Why you should consider using Payformix

Payformix — it is not easy being the best, but someone has to do it*

*) — At this point we should seriously consider firing our marketing staff, and have engineers write marketing copy! Seriously, though, the prototype for this promotional marvel came from GOOD EARTH® tea package.

All marketing talk aside, you should consider using Payformix to build your online payment forms because Payformix offers very simple form-payment integration. If you value simplicity, build your payment forms with Payformix!

  1. Here is Payformix demo
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  3. Here is Payformix signup

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